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Dayz svd

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M1NDR en Twitter: "Undisputed and final. Having a non-breaking suppressor on an SVD makes it the best weapon in the game. Starring @TopeREC & @IamMrOG. The Best Weapon in DayZ..." /

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SVD now takes normalized/eastern suppressor in 1.05 experiemental :) : r/ dayz


Who can teach me some DayZ please?i used to rock in the dayz mode for arma 2 long ago btw :D :: DayZ Looking for group

Twitter 上的DayZ 🖥 🎮 ❤️:"Everyone here at @dayzdevteam knows it can be frustrating waiting for the next update, we appreciate your patience!" / Twitter

SVD Dragunov DayZ Edition

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2022 - Dragunov's Best Warzone Class

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